There’s about to be a big boom in carbon capture projects

Inside Saudi Aramco’s Hawiyah Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant
The Hawiyah Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant, operated by Saudi Aramco in June 28, 2021. The plant is designed to process 4 billion standard cubic feet per day of sweet gas as pilot project for carbon capture technology. | Photographer: Maya Siddiqui / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The business of capturing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions is booming around the world. The technology is gaining popularity as a way for companies to limit the pollution they produce that causes climate change. But even as it grows, the carbon capture industry is holding tight to its ties to oil and gas.

Across the globe, the capacity to capture and store planet-heating carbon dioxide has grown by 44 percent over the past 12 months, according to a new report from think tank Global CCS Institute, which advocates for carbon capture and storage (CCS). That includes projects to scrub CO2 out of smokestack emissions from a veritable pantheon of the most notorious pollution sources: power plants, natural gas processing plants, oil…

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Author: Justine Calma