Minecraft’s Next Big Update Will Add Camels, Craftable Bamboo, And More

Minecraft has announced its next big update for 2023. So far only referred to as update 1.20, it’ll bring camels, craftable bamboo items, new default skins, and more to vanilla Minecraft, as reported by Eurogamer. Unlike past updates, the upcoming one doesn’t have a name yet, and to avoid overpromising has only revealed new features that will definitely make it into the game.

The new update was announced at Minecraft Live over the weekend, with the Minecraft team adding first and foremost that it has decided not to reveal planned features for the update unless they’re definitely being implemented–adding that there has been a tendency to overpromise and underdeliver in past updates. As such only a few new additions have been announced, with the promise of more to be revealed through the rest of the year.

The hosts started the Minecraft Live presentation by revealing seven new default skins that will join the two already in the game, Minecraft Steve and Alex. The new skins are designed with further diversity in mind, allowing players to pick a default they feel better represents them as a person.

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Author: Hayley Williams