CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Progression Systems Detailed — Here’s How Leveling Works

The release date is fast approaching for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Activision has released a new blog post to explain how progression and ranking up will work in the game. Though the publisher said a more in-depth breakdown of all these progression systems would be revealed in a later blog, we do have some early information on what to expect when Modern Warfare 2 arrives.

The leveling progression for Modern Warfare 2 sounds much like what players have experienced in the last few years, with a seasonal prestige rank system instead of the traditional prestige formula of the older Call of Duty games.

Military Ranks will serve as the first 55 levels players will progress through as they play Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. Following the initial military ranks, each season of content will contain new seasonal challenges and more prestige levels to reach.

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Author: S.E. Doster