Halo Infinite “Feedler” Will Shoot Gummy Worms In Real Life

Halo Infinite is approaching its first anniversary, and Microsoft isn’t done promoting the game with bizarre and outlandish collaborations. The latest of these is a partnership with candy company Trolli to create a real “Feedler” weapon that will shoot gummy worms. The “Feedler” is a riff on Halo’s famous Needler weapon, and it shoots gummy worms instead of shard projectiles.

Everyone who attends the Halo World Championship in Seattle this weekend can line up at the Trolli booth to shoot the Feedler weapon at “enemy targets” of some type. Whether or not those targets are real humans is unclear. That seems unlikely, though, given the potential choking hazard.

In any event, people who visit the Trolli booth can enter for a chance to win Halo Infinite-branded Trolli packages (listed below), along with double XP tokens and Challenge Swaps for Halo Infinite.

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Author: Eddie Makuch