FuboTV shuts down its sports betting service that synced with on-screen action

FuboTV Sportsbook app teaser, showing a baseball player posed as though they are about to swing at a pitch, next to an image of a phone displaying betting lines for two baseball teams, and options on what viewers can choose to place a wager on.
The FuboTV Sportsbook app. | Image: FuboTV

On Monday, the live TV streaming platform FuboTV dropped a shocking announcement with its decision to immediately close its gambling business, Fubo Gaming, and the Fubo Sportsbook product. It came at the same time FuboTV reported preliminary earnings results of over 1.2 million subscribers and income for the quarter that exceeded its prior guidance.

In a world where advertising-supported media has struggled to scale steadily, and even the biggest subscription video giants are looking shaky, streamers across the industry have looked at gambling as a reliable source of revenue in the years to come. FuboTV had promoted Multiview tech to show multiple games at once in a single stream, plus overlays on live sports broadcasts and games that…

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Author: Richard Lawler