Digital Foundry Calls Overwatch 2 More Of A Revamp Than A Sequel

Digital Foundry has a verdict on Overwatch 2, and its conclusions are clear: It’s a beautiful game that runs great on both console and PC. However, the site says though the changes offered are a net positive for the game, it’s not quite as ambitious as you might expect.

Writer Thomas Morgan praises the game’s new 5v5 format, as well as its colorful new maps, particularly Paraiso and New Queen Street. Though he notes the many improvements to the game’s graphics claimed by Blizzard–including better particle effects, shaders, cloth physics, fog, and more–Morgan describes these changes as “fine tweaks” rather than generational leaps.

That said, he praises the game’s improved shading as a major difference-maker, as well as the revamped character models for returning heroes. He judges the gap in visual quality between the old and new models to be quite distinct. He also details the significant technical changes to the game, including the addition of HDR and 4K support for next-gen consoles. The bottom line is that Overwatch 2 runs well on all platforms, except Nintendo Switch, which suffers sub-30fps drops. I think everyone expects that at this point, though.

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Author: Steven T. Wright