The Dead Space Remake Improves My Favorite Survival-Horror Game

I love the original Dead Space. Nabbing every Xbox Achievement in that game happened more on accident than anything else. I just played the game enough times that one day I powered on the Xbox 360 and happened to notice I was one Achievement short (and before you ask, yes it was “Don’t get cocky, kid”–that Achievement is such utter bulls**t). I can call out all the jump scares and pretty much every spoken line in that game beat-for-beat with embarrassing accuracy, and unfortunately can tell you the location of practically every audio file and power node from memory.

So it was wild to play the opening three chapters of the upcoming Dead Space remake and get genuinely spooked or surprised playing Dead Space again. Despite appearances, this remake is more than a facelift of Visceral Games’ 2008 survival horror game (though it does enhance the original’s visuals by a significant margin). Motive Studio has redesigned parts of the game’s setting, the USG Ishimura, to create a more interconnected environment with more narrative details to discover, allowing Dead Space to better fit into the overall lore of the franchise it spawned, which now includes sequels, spin-off games, movies, and comics. This remake is still Dead Space, but it’s a Dead Space where parts of it feel brand-new again, even to a long-time fan like me.

Dead Space is a game that puts you into the heavy boots of Isaac Clarke, an engineer assigned to check out a distress beacon issued by the USG Ishimura alongside chief security officer Zach Hammond and computer technician Kendra Daniels. Isaac has a personal stake in the mission’s success, as his long-time girlfriend, Nicole Brennan, is aboard the Ishimura, serving as the massive spaceship’s senior medical officer. Upon reaching the Ishimura, the team discovers it’s been overrun by monstrous undead abominations of the ship’s crew, dubbed necromorphs, and the trio works together to escape before they too are claimed as victims.

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Author: Jordan Ramée