New Apex Legends Mobile Trailer Reveals The Story Behind Fade’s Signature Weapon

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions is just a few days away, and for the most part, developer Respawn Entertainment is sticking to the traditional season launch formula: write a blog post, upload a launch trailer, and release some patch notes. But yesterday, the developer surprised players with a new fully animated trailer called “Meet The Constellation.” The video tells the story of how Fade acquired his Signature Weapon, The Constellation.

Signature Weapons are the mobile game’s version of the Heirloom Weapons players can unlock in the console and PC versions of Apex. Although episodes of Stories From The Outlands frequently revolve around the story behind a particular character’s Heirloom Weapon, Respawn has never uploaded trailers focused solely on Heirlooms prior to this week, making yesterday’s upload quite a surprise.

“Meet The Constellation” is closer to an episode of Stories From The Outlands than it is to the “Meet [New Legend]” trailers Respawn creates for the console/PC version of the game, as it tells a story rather that focusing on legend abilities and meta commentary. The animated short depicts a meeting between Loba and Fade, who have agreed to meet at a high-class restaurant–one clearly chosen by Loba, if Fade’s disgruntled facial expression is anything to go by. They plan to discuss the acquisition of something Fade has been hunting down for years: the last fragment of The Constellation, a family heirloom that means a great deal to the phasing punisher. He’s missing the final piece of the weapon–a piece which was stolen from the dead body of one of his brothers.

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Author: Claire Lewis