Judge puts the Elon Musk vs. Twitter trial on hold until October 28th

A photo illustration of Elon Musk making a thumbs’ up gesture, against background of arrows pointing up.
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images

The pending trial between Elon Musk and Twitter is suddenly on hold, as Judge Kathaleen McCormick granted the Musk side’s request for a stay, pending the closing of their deal for Musk to buy Twitter at $54.20 per share.

The stay was granted over the protests of twitter’s lawyers, who implored the judge not to take Musk’s words seriously. Twitter’s lawyer Kevin Shannon wrote in a letter to McCormick saying “Now, on the eve of trial, Defendants declare they intend to close after all. “Trust us,” they say, “we mean it this time,” and so they ask to be relieved from a reckoning on the merits.”

However, in a decision handed down on Thursday evening, McCormick paused the proceedings.

This action is stayed until 5 p.m. on October 28, 2022, to…

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Author: Richard Lawler