Dead Space Remake Promises No Loading Screens Or Cuts

Since it was first announced, EA Motive has had one ambitious promise for the upcoming Dead Space remake: that it will stay true to the original, while also being fully rebuilt from scratch in a new engine. A new blog on the topic has explained a little more about where the game has been expanded and modernized, and how Motive has tried to stay faithful to the original.

In terms of upgrades, one big difference is that the game will be playable as “one sequential shot,” as described by senior producer Philippe Ducharme. “From the moment you start the game to the moment you end the game, there are no camera cuts or load screens–unless you die. The Ishimura is now fully interconnected, so you can walk from Point A to Point Z, visit the entire ship, and revisit locations… It’s now a completely unbroken experience.”

While many remakes focus on technical upgrades, Motive’s Dead Space will also be making changes to the story, updating and extending the lore of the original game to accomodate for details and characters added later in Dead Space 2, 3, and the comic books. Isaac becoming a voiced character is one of the major changes we can expect, but the developers have also promised more narrative side quests, and bigger roles for certain characters.

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Author: Hayley Williams