Destiny 2 Update Brings Some Tweaks To The Crucible, King’s Fall Raid, And More

The latest Destiny 2 hotfix is here, bringing in some changes to the Crucible, King’s Fall Raid, and some other gameplay tweaks too.

The new update makes a couple of changes to the Crucible. Map frequency weighting for Disjunction and Cathedral of Dusk has been adjusted Although the patch notes don’t specify how, anecdotally, both were very common sight. An issue that saw players unable to progress the weekly Crucible challenge in the Crucible labs has also been fixed.

The King’s Fall Raid also had a few fixes, such as an issue where the Daughters of Oryx took extra damage from rocket launchers and other sources, which has now been fixed. An issue where players could survive certain wipe mechanics in the raid has also been fixed, as well as an issue that had players occasionally spawning behind the doors during the Warpriest encounter.

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Author: Oisin Kuhnke