Apex Legends Dataminer Appears To Have Uncovered Spooky New LTM Map

Every October, Apex Legends throws its annual Halloween event, featuring an LTM called Shadow Royale that sees legends turned into zombie-like Shadows with supernatural speed and strength. But after a prolific Apex Legends dataminer uncovered evidence of a new Halloween event, it seems the game’s developers may have something different in store for trick-or-treaters this year: the new Gun Run LTM, set in a shadowy version of the Olympus map.

The dataminer, who has previously leaked the contents of Apex Legends’ battle passes well before they debuted in-game, posted an image to his Discord server that seemed to suggest an upcoming version of Gun Run set on a map called “Haunted Estates,” which appears to be a Halloween-ified version of Olympus’ Autumn Estates POI.

If this leak proves to be legitimate, it’ll be the biggest change to Apex’s annual Halloween event since it was renamed Shadow Royale (formerly Shadowfall) for the game’s second year, and would mean that Gun Run may not be gone for good when the Beast of Prey event ends on October 4. But Apex developers said in a recent AMA series that they don’t have plans for more events like Season 8’s multi-mode War Games event, so the leak could mean a spooky version of Gun Run will replace Shadow Royale entirely, as opposed to sharing the stage. One thing is certain, however: If the leak is legit, Apex players will finally get a glimpse of what Olympus looks like after dark, much like they did when the Kings Canyon After Dark map made its initial debut during Year 1’s Halloween celebration.

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Author: Claire Lewis