Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes Are Getting A Speed Boost At Launch

Ahead of the Overwatch 2 launch next month, Blizzard has posted a preview of changes that players can expect. One of the big tweaks, when compared to the previous betas, is a new passive ability for each class of hero, with DPS role characters getting an increase in speed.

In the betas, DPS heroes retained 30% of their ultimate power when they were swapped out for another character, and this buff will also be applied to Tank and Support heroes. To give DPS characters a more clearly defined role, Blizzard explained in a blog post that these heroes will benefit from a passive movement and reload speed increase after they eliminate an opponent.

“We’re introducing a new passive to DPS that increases their movement speed and reload speed by 25% for a brief window after getting an elimination,” Blizzard explained. “We believe that this change is the right balance of rewarding players who perform well in the Damage role without being overpowered. However, in future seasons, we may continue to experiment with what these passives do as we look to shake up the meta regularly.”

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys