Garden Tails: Match And Grow’s Relaxing Gameplay Was Born From Urban Chaos

Among the new releases on Apple Arcade this month is Garden Tails: Match and Grow, a serene match-3 puzzle game where building a garden and filling it with cute little animals is the main goal. In a medium filled with adrenaline-focused video games, this new Apple Arcade experience stands out as a quiet, more relaxing alternative.

To learn more about the game and its relaxing roots, we spoke to Dots’ Sandra Honigman, game designer and lead on Garden Tails, for more insight on where the idea came from and how it tries to keep things light for the player.

We spoke about the game’s attempts to overcome some of the negative stereotypes of the match-3 genre, including a lack of monetization and a few mechanics that help the player solve its puzzles. We also go into length about how living in a major American city birthed the idea of a quiet experience.

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Author: Jason Fanelli