The Pokémon Company Says It Doesn’t Have An Issue With Nuzlocke Runs, Actually

The Pokémon Company has taken the unusual step of releasing an official statement about Nuzlocke runs, in response to reports that it removed creators from its content program for engaging with them, VGC reports.

The initial report came from content creators Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang, who previously co-hosted Nintendo’s official YouTube show, Nintendo Minute. In a recent podcast episode, the duo revealed that they had pitched a Nuzlocke run for an episode of Nintendo Minute, but claimed The Pokémon Company had been strongly against it.

Nuzlocke refers to a set of punishing rules some players choose to use for Pokemon runs, including simulating permadeath every time a pokemon faints, and only allowing players to catch the first pokemon encountered in any given region.

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Author: Hayley Williams