This Destiny 2 Consecration Build Turns Solar Titans Into Champion-Melting Machines

Since Season of Plunder began in Destiny 2, most Guardians have been experimenting with the new Arc 3.0 subclass and utilizing it to deliver lightning-fast strikes. For Titans, the Arc subclass options has transformed Guardians into deadly human missiles who can close gaps quickly and lob some of the most powerful grenades of the season.

But don’t sleep on the Solar subclass, because that scorching selection of powers is better than ever right now. It all boils down to Consecration, a Solar Aspect that transforms the Titan melee attack into a powerful sliding uppercut. A two-pronged attack, activating a powered melee during a slide will unleash a wave of Solar energy that damages and scorches any enemies caught in its path. You can grab the DIM link here, if you want to experiment with this loadout.

From there, players will be briefly airborne and can use the charged melee again to slam down to the ground and create a second wave of powerful Solar energy. If a target is already afflicted with Scorch stacks, this second attack will make them ignite. With the right Fragments and armor mods, Consecration becomes a self-sustaining attack that deals massive amounts of damage and can even be used to deliver killing blows to Champions in Destiny 2.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys