GTA 5: How To Find The Far Out Spaceship Parts

One of the lengthiest side quests in Grand Theft Auto V is called “Far Out.” This Strangers and Freaks quest becomes available for Franklin right after the mission called “Fame or Shame,” which is for Michael. After this mission is complete, a question mark for Franklin will appear in Sandy Shores. At this location is Omega, a prophet for the arrival of aliens on earth. Omega inexplicably believes that alien spaceship parts have been scattered around Los Santos and it’s up to you to find them for him.

As it turns out, he’s right…maybe. In total, there are 50 spaceship parts that you need to find and pick up in order to complete this mission. If you’re looking to 100% the story mode of GTA V, then this quest is an essential part of that journey. Completing this mission is also a source of pride for players, as it’s one of the most difficult in the entire game. For a full guide on the locations of the parts, check out the list below.

Spaceship parts locations in GTA V

Before we go over the entire list of parts and their locations, it should be noted that you don’t need to use Franklin to pick up a spaceship part. You can be Trevor or Michael and still have the part count towards the total. However, to complete the quest, you’ll need to use Franklin and visit Omega again.

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Author: Joey Carr