Diablo 4 Closed Endgame Beta Coming Soon

Blizzard has announced a closed beta for Diablo 4, focusing on its endgame content. The upcoming beta will focus on testing Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and other post-game content.

Announced via a blog post, Diablo 4 will be holding a closed beta starting sometime in the next few months, focused entirely on endgame content for the upcoming dungeon crawler. The Diablo 4 developers said this focus was partially to avoid story spoilers this far out from launch, but the primary reason is to make sure there is time to implement any needed changes to the endgame content.

The closed beta will feature multiple endgame events. One event type is Helltide, a world event featuring powerful versions of regular enemies that drop Cinders, which can be used to open Helltide chests found in the open world. There will also be Nightmare Dungeons, beefed up versions of the normal dungeons with special modifiers, Whispers of the Dead, an endgame repeatable quest system, and Paragon Boards, which let players achieve additional power after reaching max level.

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Author: James Carr