Fortnite Exotic And Mythic Weapons In Chapter 3 Season 4: All Locations And Prices

Fortnite‘s quite long summer season has finally come to an end, and Chapter 3, Season 4, dubbed Paradise, is infecting the island with a physics-defying chrome substance. But while some things are always changing, there’s one thing you can always count on: powerful Exotic and Mythic weapons that you can buy from an NPC or take by force from a boss enemy.

Right now, at the start of this season, there are three returning exotic weapons that you can purchase from characters who are scattered around the map, one returning exotic healing item, and a brand-new type of mythic weapon that drops from the Herald, this season’s new big bad who has set up shop in a big ole chrome castle.

Don’t expect to be able to get them all in the same round, of course. These vendors are not set up anywhere near each other on the island, and it would take some truly wild luck with the circle and/or a serious commitment to making the rounds to pull it off. So think of this more as general info to keep in your head while you’re roaming around, so you know when you’re near a vendor selling the exotic you want.

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Author: Phil Owen