Netflix’s The Sea Beast Review – A Familiar, Yet Engaging Adventure Story

It’s easy to write-off an overly familiar film as just another derivative piece of art. Though that initial assessment wouldn’t be entirely wrong, definition-wise, doing so would negate that film’s ability to inform, delight, and otherwise entertain an audience. That’s certainly the case with Netflix’s The Sea Beast, a wonderfully animated movie that sports a grand cast and solid storytelling.

Directed by Chris Williams (Moana), The Sea Beast follows the story of Jacob Holland (Karl Urban) and Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator). As a famous Hunter–pirate equivalents that are duty bound to hunt giant sea creatures–Jacob is selfless to a fault. Only ever pushing against Captain Crow’s (Jared Harris) orders when a crew member is in danger. And even then, it’s the most gentle of nudges; he owes everything to the man that raised him after all. That eventually changes after Jacob has a chance meeting with Maisie Brumble, an inquisitive little girl who’s always dreamed of becoming a Hunter and stows away on his ship.

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Author: Kenneth Seward Jr.