Destiny 2’s Control Playlist Now Has A Quitter Penalty

Bungie has implemented a few changes to matchmaking and quitter penalties for the Control playlist, as detailed in This Week At Bungie post.

Players who quit out of Control matches can now trigger the Crucible suspension system–something players did take note of as soon as the update went live. For some, it was an unwelcome change since they considered the Control playlist to be the “casual” PvP mode, as opposed to more intensely competitive ones like Trials of Osiris and Survival.

To discourage quitting, Bungie also made other changes like adjustments to matchmaking. Matchmaking time has increased only 10 to 15 seconds for most players of average skill. But those who are further on either ends of the skill spectrum–low-skill and high-skill players–have seen increased wait times. Bungie has adjusted matchmaking to reduce the wait time for these players and matchmaking will search for a wider range of players sooner. “We don’t expect this to affect the Control experience for most players in the middle of the pack,” Bungie said. “And we hope it broadens the available pool of Guardians for our high and low-skill players to match with.”

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Author: Jenny Zheng