The Biden administration’s big new plans for floating offshore wind turbines

In an aerial view, an offshore wind turbine generates electricity
In an aerial view, a wind turbine generates electricity at the Block Island Wind Farm on July 7th, 2022, near Block Island, Rhode Island.  | Photo by John Moore / Getty Images

The Biden administration announced splashy new goals today aimed at positioning the US as a leader in the development of next-generation floating wind turbines. The announcement substantially expands Biden’s previous offshore wind ambitions by opening up new areas that traditional fixed-bottom turbines haven’t been able to reach.

Those turbines haven’t been able to conquer depths greater than 60 meters deep, where most of the world’s usable offshore wind resources can be found. Nearly 60 percent of the US’s offshore wind resources are at those depths. That includes much of the west coast, which has lagged behind the East Coast when it comes to offshore wind development because the Pacific Ocean drops off steeply close to the California…

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Author: Justine Calma