Overwatch 2’s Newest Map Is Set In Portugal And Promises Plenty Of Flanking Opportunities

In addition to new Overwatch 2 hero Kiriko, Blizzard has also revealed its next map for the upcoming shooter: Esperança. Set in Portugal, Esperança is the latest Push mode map to come to the game, and features more opportunities for flanking than any map before it.

In a recent press junket detailing the new map, art director Dion Rodgers stated that Esperança will feature a winding path with gradual inclines on either side and plenty of openings for hero mobility. Rodgers explained this design is due to Esperança’s nature as a Push mode map.

In Push mode, teams are tasked with guiding a robot placed in the middle of the level to either side in order to win the match. By having a spiral-shaped map with plenty of paths cutting through it, players are relieved of the frustration that comes with having to take a long, quiet walk back to the battle if they are killed.

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Author: Jessica Howard