Overwatch 2 Reveals New Hero Kiriko, A Ninja Support Hero And The Protector Of Kanezaka

A new support hero is coming to Overwatch, and she’s full of life, cheeky remarks, and some seriously game-changing abilities. Revealed at Tokyo Game Show, Kiriko is the newest addition to Overwatch 2’s roster, and while her formal title might be “Protector of Kanezaka,” she might also be the most clutch player on your team.

First and foremost, Kiriko’s primary ability is to heal. She does this by sending ofuda–paper talismans offering the wielder protection–to her teammates. These ofuda hone in on their desired recipient, making them perfect for healing teammates who are airborne or far away. Her secondary ability sees her precisely aim and throw her kunai, giving her an edge of lethality that rivals actual DPS characters. In fact, Kiriko joins Genji and Widowmaker as one of the few characters who has a higher crit multiplier than the rest of the Overwatch roster, which is an impressive feat for someone who’s chiefly a support character.

Coming in with a 14-second cooldown is Kiriko’s Protection Suzu ability, which sees her ring a Suzu–or Shinto bell–and “cleanse” an area of debuffs and potentially devastating attacks, including Sombra’s hack, Reinhardt’s Shatter, Ashe’s Burn, Ana’s Sleep Dart, and Junkrat’s RIP-Tire. This paired with Kiriko’s next ability–Swift Step–makes her a support hero who can quickly change the trajectory of a match. Swift Step allows Kiriko to see her allies through barriers in order to teleport beside them, making her the first character in Overwatch who can phase through walls. This ability was created so the game would have a healer with unparalleled mobility, and who could bring the healing to the fight rather than rely on their allies to come to them.

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Author: Jessica Howard