Meet Mikkaa, The Swedish Streamer Who Beat Elden Ring With One Hand

While beating a From Software game is an accomplishment in itself, some streamers have decided the grueling gameplay isn’t enough to quench their thirst for challenge and have taken it upon themselves to up both the difficulty and stakes. This includes MissMikkaa, a variety streamer from Stockholm, Sweden whose impressive accomplishments in From Software’s most recent title, Elden Ring, have circulated both TikTok and Twitter recently.

Mikkaa’s feats include besting some of Elden Ring’s most challenging bosses using a PlayStation 5 controller with just one hand. Recently, she even answered the call to take down her opponents using a dance pad, completely eliminating her ability to turn the game’s camera. GameSpot reached out to Mikkaa to ask her about her history with From Software, challenging runs, and how she ramped up her skills to accomplish such daunting tasks.

GameSpot: So first things first, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

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Author: Jessica Howard