Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Showcased With New Trailer

After revealing the proper name of the game formerly known as Project Aurora during GameSpot’s Swipe mobile showcase last week, Activision has now offered some more insight into what Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile actually is and looks like during its Call of Duty Next event.

The pre-rendered trailer for the game showed three characters leap from a plane and fall through the clouds toward the earth. As they emerged from the clouds, more characters (or players might be the more accurate descriptor) appeared, leading to a clash on the ground. Players jumped controlled vehicles, rolled out of the way of gunfire, slid across the ground at impossible speeds, and leapt in slow motion amidst a hail of gunfire. Most of this action took place in front of a giant dam, which is a familiar location to anyone who has spent time on Verdansk in Warzone.

The flashy trailer did not show any actual gameplay from the game, but following the trailer airing, Activision VP of mobile Chris Plummer, shared few details about the game and showed some gameplay. Warzone Mobile will feature 120 players, the Gulag, some cross-progression with the console and PC versions of the game, cross-player between iOS and Android, and will have its own dedicated events, playlists, and content. You will also be able to customize your controls to a large degree, which is important considering the game can be played with a touch screen.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard