Bob Marley Mobile Game Dev Explains Why There Is No Weed In The Game

Bob Marley’s World Tour is a mobile rhythm game that lets players perform Marley’s music and manage his band’s progression to stardom. The game is being developed by LBC Studios, who focus on making games about the rapidly expanding culture of legalized cannabis–however, their Marley game doesn’t have any mention of weed in it.

In an interview with, studio founder Solon Bucholtz has explained why the game about Rastafarian icon Bob Marley is their first not to feature any kind of marijuana. Their previous games are Hempire, a weed-growing management sim, and Tasty Buds, a match three game that sees players creating new strains of cannabis.

It was their success with these games that led to a partnership with Marley Merchandising, the company that licences Bob Marley’s image, for the development of Bob Marley’s World Tour, but everyone involved decided that, in this case, it would be better to leave cannabis out of the picture.

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Author: Hayley Williams