Xbox PC App Updates Include HowLongToBeat Integration And Improved Performance

The Xbox app on PC has received various performance improvements and a revamped Game Details page including HowLongToBeat integration.

For the unfamiliar, HowLongToBeat is a website that polls players about their playtimes and presents an average length for various playstyles. The Xbox App on PC will now display information from the website right in the app. The playtime data will be split into four categories:

  • Main Story: meaning how much time is required to see credits
  • Main + Extras: meaning a play-through that focuses on the main story but completes some side quests and optional activities
  • Completionist: a 100% playthrough, i.e. getting all the achievements, blocking out the map, etc.
  • Combined: which is an average of all the numbers from the previous categories.

If you click the view details button, you’ll be taken to the HowLongToBeat website, where you can submit your own times and manage your games library, as well as access community reviews and playthrough notes.

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Author: Grace Benfell