Warframe’s Prime Resurgence Is Coming Back Permanently, And With Welcome Changes

Warframe is approaching its 10-year anniversary as a live-service game, and it continues to evolve in numerous ways. With new weapons, Warframes, and quality-of-life changes, Digital Extremes has continued to focus on community requests to aid in bringing about an ever-changing, but a flourishing experience for players while providing more options for newer players to earn Warframes, weapons, and accessories without spending real-world currency. We spoke with Warframe community director Megan Everett, who has been with Digital Extremes for nine years, about the return of the Prime Resurgence event and the feedback the team has taken from last year’s version.

Prime Vault and Prime Resurgence History

For those new to Warframe, Prime Resurgence allows players to gather Aya through Bounties Missions and then trade it in for specific Void Relics that can be used to unlock Prime Parts for Warframes, weapons, and gear. Primed versions of these items are much more powerful than their original counterparts.

Digital Extremes debuted Prime Resurgence last year. When it first launched, it was still trying to figure out the best methods to obtain Prime items by taking into account the firsthand experience of players. “We were upfront about this and it was a learn-as-you-go experience the first time doing this in the world’s Prime Event. We took a lot of the feedback from last year, we really looked at the stats, we wanted to take out time making sure that when we brought it back, it’s in its best shape possible,” Everett told GameSpot.

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Author: Veerender Singh Jubbal