Sega announces Yakuza 8 and a slew of other Yakuza games

Promotional screenshot for Yakuza 8 featuring close-ups of the two male protagonists: Kazuma Kiryu (left) and Ichiban Kasuga (right).
These two men are the biggest real estate owners in all of Japan who occasionally do light crimes. | Image: Sega

KIRYU-CHAN!! Ahead of the Tokyo Game Show starting on September 15th, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio — developers of the gritty gangster series Yakuza, the noir detective series Judgment, and in sharp and hilarious contrast, the Super Monkey Ball series — shared its upcoming release schedule, and it’s a doozy. Yakuza 8 makes its debut along with several other Ryu Ga Gotoku games that’ll have you up to your eyeballs in hostess clubs, batting cages, crane games, and just a smidge of gangster action as a treat.

First, RGG fans will be blessed with the samurai-flavored Yakuza spinoff, Like a Dragon: Ishin! Revealed yesterday during Sony’s State of Play event, Ishin trades fists for swords and ditches the neon-lit streets of Kamurocho in favor of Kochi…

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Author: Ash Parrish