Here come high-powered USB-C chargers that can fully power a 16-inch MacBook Pro

Floating in white space is a white colored charge brick, almost square in shape, that has the word Hyper printed on the side. There's a USB-C port labeled 140W, another under it with 100W, and a final full USB-A port with a 30W label.
The HyperJuice 140W is one of the first USB PD 3.1 chargers to become available. | Image: Hyper

When Apple released the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros last year, the 16-inch models came with a new kind of USB-C charger — one that can deliver up to 140W of power to the MagSafe 3 port. That’s because Apple’s biggest MacBook Pro charger supports the latest USB Power Delivery specification: USB PD 3.1, which goes beyond the previous 100W limitation for a single USB-C port.

The USB Promoter Group published the latest specification of Power Delivery in May of last year, but accessory manufacturers are only now delivering products that support it. And it’s about time because 16-inch MacBook Pro users who swear by fast charging have been stuck with the included non-travel-friendly brick that only has one USB-C port. Now you can get ones…

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Author: Umar Shakir