Google loses appeal over illegal Android app bundling, EU reduces fine to €4.1 billion

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The EU has upheld a 2018 antitrust charge against Google, confirming that the company imposed “unlawful restrictions” on Android phone manufacturers in order to promote its search engine on mobile devices.

Google has been attempting to appeal the charges, which were levied in 2018. They include a record-breaking €4.3 billion fine, which the EU’s General Court this morning reduced to €4.1 billion, after announcing that it “largely confirms” the original ruling.

The European Commission ruled in 2018 that Google abused its market dominance by forcing Android phonemakers to agree to certain restrictions on how they packaged and sold their devices. Phonemakers who wanted to sell Android phones had to agree not to sell devices that used…

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Author: James Vincent