Ford dealers who want to sell EVs will have to spend money to make money

The automaker is trying to overtake its rival Tesla.
Ford dealers who want to sell EVs can opt in to a two-tier certification system. | Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images

Ford outlined a series of requirements for its dealers who want to sell the automaker’s electric vehicles, such as setting no-haggle prices and investing upward of $1.2 million in upgrades like charging, according to Automotive News. The company framed the investments as necessary if Ford is to compete with — and perhaps overtake — direct-sale competitors like Tesla.

Dealers were given until October 31st to opt in to two EV certification tiers, with varying investment levels into charging and staff training. Dealers in the higher tier, which carries upfront costs of $900,000, will receive “elite” certification and be allocated more EVs, executives said. Those dealers who don’t opt in will be relegated to selling the company’s legacy…

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Author: Andrew J. Hawkins