Tunic is coming to the Switch and PlayStation in just a couple weeks

In a screenshot from Tunic, the main character stands with his sword raised on a plot of blocky land.
Play as this adorable fox on new platforms soon. | Image: Finji

Tunic, the indie hit where you explore a mysterious world as an adorable fox adventurer, launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on September 27th. The news was announced during Nintendo’s September 2022 Direct.

Tunic is a delightful game that I played through earlier this year. The game drops you in its world with little explanation of what’s going on — much of the world is even presented in its own made-up language. And enemies are tough, so you’ll always be on your toes while exploring the world. But over time, you’ll start to get a grasp on everything, helped by finding pieces of a wonderfully illustrated in-game instruction manual along the way.

Previously, Tunic was available on Xbox, PC, and Mac, and I…

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Author: Jay Peters