New Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Features Elegant Combat And An Unstoppable Demon Cat

Today’s Nintendo Direct livestream revealed new gameplay for Bayonetta 3, and a longer video after the event showcased more of the titular witch in action alongside a newcomer to the series, Viola.

Like the previous two games, Bayonetta’s combat is a mix of stylish offense and well-timed dodges that activate Witch-Time, in which the world slows to a crawl as the Umbral witch unleashes devastating offense in that state.

While Bayonetta can easily eliminate scores of enemies with her magic and guns, bigger enemies will require her to summon Infernal Demons. While these summons do leave her exposed–don’t worry; there’s a safe for work option that tones down the more risque visuals–these demons are powerful allies who’ll stay on the battlefield until Bayonetta runs out of magic. With these demons her side, Bayonetta is able to easily switch between hard-hitting combos, titanic allies, and lethal finishers to wipe out anything that stands in her way.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys