Hogwarts Legacy Is Getting An Exclusive Mission On PlayStation

Sony showed off some exclusive content coming to Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 4 and 5 during its September State of Play. In the exclusive mission, players will be able to explore a shop in Hogsmeade, the town located near the Hogwarts campus, and play something that looks like a sequence from the 2005 horror game, Condemned: Criminal Origins.

The footage showed a Hogwarts student inquiring about purchasing a shop from Madam Mason, who warns of danger and how previous tenants had ran into issues. From there, we see the student climb into the basement using a secret ladder, run down transforming hallways, and encounter mannequins coming to life in the darkness.

Hogwarts Legacy is releasing on all announced platforms on February 10, 2023. Along with the special Haunted Hogsmeade mission, PlayStation players will also have access to an additional dungeon, shopkeepers, a cosmetic set, and an in-game Hogsmeade shop.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard