Final Splitgate Battle Pass Set For September 15 Launch

Following the surprising announcement that Splitgate developer 1047 Games is ending feature development on its popular Portal-meets-Halo shooter, the studio has released details on the game’s final major update: The Infinite Battle Pass, a standard, 100-level battle pass that will be available for free starting this Thursday, September 15.

The Infinite Battle Pass update introduces a number of new features alongside the typical battle pass fare like cosmetic skins. In fact, Splitgate’s developers appear to have taken community complaints about cosmetics to heart, with the September 15 update adding a large collection of cosmetic items to the standard cosmetic drop pool that should satisfy any hardcore players who have already unlocked all of the game’s cosmetics.

Duplicate Drops are another feature being added to the game alongside the Infinite Battle Pass. Previously, every loot drop would unlock an item the player did not previously have. Now, players have a chance of landing on a duplicate item. But instead of receiving a second copy of the same item, players will receive XP and, depending on the rarity of the duplicate item, Splitcoin.

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Author: Claire Lewis