EA Is Making A New AAA Hunting Game With Dynasty Warriors Publisher Koei Tecmo

A new game under the EA Originals label has just been announced, which will be developed in partnership with the team behind Dynasty Warriors–publisher Koei Tecmo and studio Omega Force. The as-yet untitled project is a AAA hunting game that will be set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan.

The upcoming game, which will introduce an original IP, seems set to try and compete with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, with its focus on hunting action and fantasy feudal Japanese setting. In a press release, Koei Tecmo said it would be a “new type of hunting game,” with “unexpected and innovative mechanics.” More details on the new title will be revealed later this month.

Studio Omega Force is most well-known for its Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games, as well as other titles in the musou genre such as Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. The studio has also branched into more hunting-style games, notably including two Attack on Titan games that tasked players with taking down the titular giant humanoid titans.

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Author: Hayley Williams