Amazon’s latest Kindle has USB-C charging and a much better screen

An Amazon Kindle on a colorful background.
The new Kindle’s new screen now matches the other models. | Photo: Amazon

Amazon just announced a new model of its Kindle ebook reader, which brings a couple of much-needed upgrades to the entry-level device. The new model has a 300ppi screen, longer battery life, and best of all, it now charges via USB-C. That means a lot of readers finally get to throw away the last of their Micro USB cables. It’ll be available on October 12th and will cost $99.99 with ads or $119.99 without.

Since it was last updated in 2019, the cheapest Kindle has stopped seeming like a great deal. It had the worst screen in the Kindle lineup, forced you to charge via an old standard, and had a design that felt distinctly last-gen. The Kindle Paperwhite has long been the default best option: it had a better screen, a better front light,…

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Author: David Pierce