The Last Of Us Remake Includes Reference To The Office, It Seems

It looks like Naughty Dog put a reference to the popular NBC comedy The Office in its recently released remake of The Last of Us. TikTok user rxelei discovered this, explaining that they were taking cover when they looked around and noticed that the room looked very similar to Dunder Mifflin’s office in Scranton.

It’s not a perfect recreation of the iconic office space, but it looks pretty close. Watch the video below, discovered by IGN, and you’ll see Pam’s desk, Jim’s desk, Michael’s office, and other famous spots from the office, like the couch near the entrance.

The room also even appears to include a reference to Kevin’s infamous chili incident, with the floor stained to appear as if the hot food was spilled all over the floor like it was on the show.

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Author: Eddie Makuch