House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Trailer Teases A Royal Wedding, Bloodshed, And Succession

The next episode of House of the Dragon looks like it will be a pivotal one, featuring a royal wedding, bloodshed, and more drama involving the quest for the Iron Throne. This story and trailer contain spoilers for House of the Dragon.

The trailer for Episode 5, which airs August 18, shows King Viserys proposing a wedding for his daughter, Rhaenyra. Up until this point, Rhaenyra hasn’t seemed very interested in getting married, but perhaps that will change. “I hope to herald in a second age of dragons,” Viserys says of this wedding. Rhaenyra is expected to become queen, but her succession will be challenged, princess Rhaenys says, as the video cuts to a big fight in the castle.

Another sequence shows Viserys being tended to by the maesters over his declining health. He is expected to die, and a war for the throne will ensue, the trailer leads us to believe. In the final moments of the trailer, we see Otto Hightower telling his daughter, queen Alicent, that she must prepare her son, Aegon, to rule. Check it out below.

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Author: Eddie Makuch