Blue Origin’s uncrewed capsule safely escapes after midflight anomaly

Crew capsule (with no one inside) for Blue Origin’s NS-23 launch shown trailing flame as its solid rocket motor escape system fires, pulling the spacecraft away from the rocket after an unexpected launch issue.
Blue Origin’s uncrewed NS-23 launch experiences an anomaly | Image: Blue Origin (YouTube)

Blue Origin’s NS-23 uncrewed flight ended abruptly on Saturday morning after the spaceflight company aborted the mission due to an issue with the New Shepard rocket’s booster. The failure happened just as the rocket reached max Q, or the moment when it reaches maximum dynamic pressure.

Blue Origin has yet to confirm what went wrong but said on Twitter that it’s “responding to an issue this morning at our Launch Site One location in West Texas” and added that “the capsule escape system functioned as designed.”

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Author: Emma Roth