Temtem Tips For Beginners: Best Starter Temtem, Balms Explained, And More

Temtem might seem like your average monster catcher, but Crema’s RPG includes some significant changes to combat and the structure of your adventure that take a bit of getting used to. Even average battles present a steep challenge, but with the right preparation, you can rise to the occasion every time. This Temtem beginner’s guide includes battle tips, recommendations for the best starter Temtem, and some high-level tips to set you up for more advanced battles.

Best starter Temtem: Houchic

Similar to Pokemon, Temtem has you choose one of three starter monsters before you head off on your adventure. Unlike Pokemon, the three available types aren’t as easily recognizable as the usual elemental monsters. You can pick:

  • Houchic the Mental Temtem
  • Crystle the Crystal Temtem
  • Smazee the Melee Temtem

Mental is equivalent to Pokemon’s Psychic types, while Melee is essentially a Fighting type. Crystal is a bit different. An easy Pokemon equivalent is tough to find, but it’s a defensive Temtem with some similarities to a rock type.

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Author: Josh Broadwell