Xbox Reportedly Halts Stalker 2 Refunds, Offers Refunds

The world has been awaiting the arrival of Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl with bated breath since developer GSC Game World announced it was in development over a decade ago. After a somewhat troubled development cycle, things finally seemed to be getting on track, and Stalker: 2 Heart of Chornobyl was planned for a December 2022 release. But after Russian mortar attacks on Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv (where the GSC Game World’s headquarters are located) and other wartime events impacted the game’s development earlier this year, production on Heart of Chornobyl ground to a halt, leaving the game’s release date up in the air–and now preorders have reportedly been paused.

According to a report by Polish gaming website XGP, Microsoft has removed the ability to preorder the game from the Xbox Store and has begun refunding players who have preordered a copy.

Microsoft’s reported rationale for the change with preorders is due to the unconfirmed release date. It’s currently unclear if Microsoft is refunding Stalker 2 preorders globally or just in western markets. The article claims that players who preordered Heart of Chornobyl from the Xbox store are logging in to find messages informing them their preorders have been canceled and the money they spent on the game has been refunded.

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Author: Claire Lewis