Intel reveals the specs of its new Arc graphics cards

Product shot of one of Intel’s new Arc graphics cards with the text Intel Arc displayed
Intel slowly reveals what to expect with its Arc graphics cards | Image: Intel

The release date for Intel’s new Arc A-series desktop graphics cards is still unknown, but Intel is sharing the specs of its upcoming GPUs. Unfortunately, just like its processors, the naming conventions for the A-series are somewhat confusing. The short version is that there will eventually be four different cards available aimed at different tiers of gaming or creative applications: the A380, A580, A750, and A770.

The entry-level model, the A380, with its 6GB of GDDR6 memory, 2000MHz clock speed, and 8 processing cores, most closely resembles the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super.

The midtier option, the A580, ups the ante considerably, with 24 processing cores, 8GB of VRAM, and a memory clock speed of 1700MHz. On paper, the A580 most closely…

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Author: Alice Newcome-Beill