iCloud Shared Photo Library won’t launch with iOS 16

Image from Apple’s website showing that iCloud Shared Photo Library is “coming later this year”
Joining iPadOS in being pushed back | Image: Apple

Apple is delaying the release of iOS 16’s iCloud Shared Photo Library feature, saying it’s “coming later this year” instead of when the mobile operating system refresh launches on September 12th (via AppleInsider). An archived version of the iOS 16 webpage shows the notice about the delay was added sometime this week.

When it does launch, the feature will let you and up to five other people automatically share a collection of photos, with the option of including all the photos in your personal library, photos from after a specific date, or that include specific people.

It’s not particularly unusual for Apple to withhold features from the initial release — last year, iOS 15 launched without SharePlay, Universal Control, and better Find…

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Author: Mitchell Clark