Apple wants you to think you’ll die without its watch

Side view of the new Apple Watch Series 8
The new Apple Watch Series 8 | Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Wednesday’s Apple event opened with a warning. The video montage at the start of the event highlighted times when people in emergency situations had their lives saved by the Apple Watch. They used it to call 911 and make phone calls. It flagged dangerous heart conditions. Without the watch, they might not have made it out alive. The implication being: without a watch, you might not make it out alive.

Apple has been inching toward that sort of messaging from the very beginning. At the first launch in 2014, Tim Cook called the Apple Watch a health device. In 2018, when Apple introduced the feature that could detect irregular heart rate, Cook called the watch lifesaving. Now, instead of pitching the watch as something that could save a…

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Author: Nicole Wetsman