All The Hulks Are Coming To Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force, the free-to-play turn-based mobile game, is getting an influx of Hulk content very soon. A new trailer for the game, shown during the D23 Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, showed Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, and more. After the trailer concluded, Disney revealed that Red Hulk will be coming to the game on September 13.

Red Hulk, sometimes also known as Rulk, is a Hulk nemesis. He is a form taken by Bruce Banner’s father-in-law, United States Army General Thunderbolt Ross. It’s unclear (but safe to assume) that this will be the case with the Red Hulk seen in the trailer. How he will fucntion in the game is not yet clear as the trailer was a pre-rendered, non-gameplay affair.

Marvel Strike Force is available on iOS and Android devices.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard