Skip ‘Hey Google’ with the Nest Hub Max’s new Quick Phrases

Google Nest Hub Max
The Nest Hub Max doesn’t need you to call it Google anymore. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

If you have a Nest Hub Max smart display and you’re tired of saying “Hey Google” 50 times a day, a new feature could cut that number down a bit. Quick Phrases — a feature on the Pixel 6 phones, and which Google announced for the Nest Hub Max last year — are now live. This lets the Nest Hub Max (and only the Max so far) respond to certain commands without the phrase “Hey Google,” making talking to the voice interface a little easier.

At launch, Quick Phrases — which you need to enable in the Google Home app first — are limited to a few preset commands in four categories: general info (like time and weather), lights, timers, and alarms. Google says the phrases don’t have to be exact and that the Assistant can recognize common variations….

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Author: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy