Nitro Studios Showcases Upcoming Kart Racing Game KartRider Drift

Nitro Studios has unveiled a closer look at its upcoming free-to-play part game KartRider Drift. Showcased at GameSpot’s Swipe Showcase, KartRider Drift is a kart racer that pairs vivid graphics with “drift-fueled racing action.” The game is scheduled to release on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam and the Nexon launcher later this year.

The next entry in Korea’s popular KartRider series, KartRider Drift is the most tailored of the series, “allowing players to transform their rides to reflect their inner racing persona.” Players will have the option to fine-tune and tinker their karts to create a one-of-a-kind kart that matches their personality straight away. Once your kart is customized and ready-to-go, you can partake in three game modes: Speed mode, Item mode, and Custom Race mode.

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Author: Jessica Howard